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Petal Fresh SuperFoods is a new line of uniquely-formulated, all-natural products for hair, bath, body, and feet that combine nutrient-rich SuperFoods, vitamin Supplements, and targeted Treatment Ingredients to provide your hair and skin with all the essentials they need to thrive! Petal Fresh SuperFoods harness the power of the foods that make you feel your best to restore life to damaged hair and balance to dry, uneven, or irritated skin, so your true beauty can shine!

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Petal Fresh SuperFoods Video Series

Weekly Videos on Healthy Lifestyles

Beauty Inside & Out

September 10, 2018

“Beauty is only skin-deep,” the saying goes. It’s true in the abstract sense, because a person’s physical appearance doesn’t reflect their character. But it’s not true on a literal level—your skin absorbs the beauty products you use on it! SuperFoods in your diet We know it’s important to eat well and include lots of fruit… View Article

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Water and Wellness: Why Hydration Matters

August 30, 2018

How much water do we need? The fact that our bodies are roughly 60% water alone should be enough of a reason to prioritize hydration, and yet so few people drink the recommended amount of water each day. It doesn’t help that the recommended amount is different depending on who you ask—is it 8 cups?… View Article

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